Fill Utility


I am trying to use the Fill Utility to do a mass update to change the value to 10% in over-delivery and under-delivery field under Item Details->references tab, in Purchase Order.

After selecting all items and entering the new value then clicking ok. The window just disappear and no changes were made. Is there some limitation to this?

Thanks in advance

I am aware that not all fields are available in AX for Fill Utility, but that is the limit of my knowledge.


The overdelivery and underdelivery fields belong to InventModuleTable…

As this table is not a prime datasource in the form, i think it may be one of constraint for update…

The update is happening when the FillUtility is directl used from the InventTableModule Table…

So I think the field is not constraint there…

This is upto my knowledge…




i have activated the fill utility and used it many times.

now on a new installation, i’ve activated the configuration key, but i cannot remember where to assign it to users.

i had a look at the user and user option forms, but i did not find the boolean, any clue?


Hi Romeo,

This feature will be available only if you enable configuration key (which you have done already) and security key. Name of security key is ‘AdminFillUtility’ and configuration key is ‘SysFillUtility’.


i noticed finally that it was not available in the tables added by a partner addon solution, while in standard tables like customer it was functional by doing the standard things mentioned here in the posts.