fill the record automatic

i had a table called A in that fields (id,CustName,CustAddress )

and other table called B with same fields and normal relation id

so my question is if i select the any id it fill automatical the record of table A in table b to related fields

in D365.

First of all, consider again if the data shoulf be duplicated. Maybe table B should simply hold a reference to ID of table A, in the same way as sales orders hold a reference to CustTable instead of copying all fields, or a customer has a reference to LogisticsLocation instead of copying all address fields to CustTable.

This is a part of so-called “data normalization” and it has good reasons. For example, if you duplicate data, you need to keep it in sync, otherwise you end up inconsistent database. If you change CustName in table A, you would have to update all records in table B belonging to the same ID. Also, it allows more complex relations - for example, a single customer may have multiple addresses.

If you have very good reasons to violate the rules of normalization, please tell us more about the form or where you intend to select records of table A.

If your question is about D365FO, let me delete the tag “AX 2012”.