Fill table

I want fill a table but not recors by record I want fill the table with all the records in the same moment I found this code InventTable inventTable; InventTable inventTableTmp; ; inventTableTmp.setTmp(); while select inventTable {; inventTableTmp.doInsert(); } but this cases is record byr record(look the while) How can insert using all the records fromthe original table, not reocrd by record thks

Hi, You may want to try INSERT_RECORDSET (see the developer guide for more information). This feature works on version 3.0 Regards,

Hi You may also want to look at RecordInsertList. I think it is much more convenient to use, than insert_recordset good luch

I appreciate your support. In my test I tried use the sentence RecordInsertList, but I´m not sure but is record by record. I used insert_Record and was wanderfull Thanks kashperuk and khuebebe.

No, using RecordInsertList, you simply add records you want to insert one by one, and then use the method insertDatabase() (something like that, don’t remember the exact name) And it inserts them all in a batch