Fill automaticlly the Fields Group Item Reference in the Production Order


In the form of the Order Production in AX2009 there is a fields group with the label “Reference Item”.

Does anyone know how I do the AX fill that fields group when I confirm an order and planned production and when it is generated against the need to meet a sales order?

That is, when I generate a production order planned to meet a sales order, the AX must fill the fields group “Reference Item” to create a production order.

Does anyone know how to AX automatically populate these fields?


Murilo Oliveira

If you create it directly from the sales order, or if the coverage group is “requirement”.


Thanks for you answer. But I yet am using a Coverage Group with “Requirement” nevertheless when I confirm the planned production order the AX don’t fill the fields group.

Do I need to make more something?

Murilo Oliveira

Make sure the marking is not set to None in the master planning parameters.


Thanks for you answer. Worked.


Murilo Oliveira