File system adapter equivalent in Dynamics 365

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I found that AIF document services are deprecated in Dynamics 365. So I am searching for the place where I can find the equivalent to the file system adapter in Dynamics 365.

I really appreciate any help regarding this.

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As you’re asking in an AX forum and you mentioned AIF, I assume you mean Dynamics 365 for Operations and not one of the other products belonging to Dynamics 365.

Not only the file system adapter, but the whole AIF has been removed.

What you need is using data management to export data from data entities to files and then download these files via the dequeue web services, as explained on the wiki under Recurring integrations. Also, Microsoft has developed an application to handle downloads and uploads for you - it hasn’t been made public yet, but it’s expected soon, so watch for it. It’s called QuartzApp or something like that.

Thank you for the quick reply Martin. I really appreciate it.

I should have elaborated a bit more about the requirement. Actually I am trying to push data to AX and file type is XML. In 2012, It didn’t required any other application than AX. We will just drop the files in a folder and AX will read the files using AIF.

I have tried the new process for the recurring integration what is explained in the link you have mentioned and tried to setup a recurring integration. But It seems that there should be at least one application should be authorized to the process.

I am just trying to figure that out without any other application and I will dig into it more.

Its good to hear that Microsoft has developed an application for the data integration because I am just finding it little difficult to handle this situation than AX 2012.

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As you probably noticed, Dynamics 365 for Operations runs in Azure, not on your own server, so it’s a completely different thing than in AX 2012. Azure applications (fortunately!) can’t simply read files on your company servers. You have to explicitly send the files to Azure - that’s what the enqueue service does. And yes, there must be some application that does it; it can happen magically by itself.
An alternative design would be implementing a logic in AX to read data from a blob storage inside your own Azure subscription and, map the blog storage as a drive in your system and then put the files there, but it’s obviously much more work. Or you can buy an ISV solution that already has this implemented.