File Movement using NAS (NAV 2013 R2)

Dear Experts,

I am uploading .csv file in NAV from a specified directory with a specific name of the file. Once this file is uploaded I have to move this file to another directory. I have written the code in a codeunit and to move the file I have used the function defined in “File Management” codeunit as:

FileMgmt.MoveAndRenameClientFile(‘D:\GRV\VER00.csv’,‘VER00Posted’+’.csv’,‘D:\GRV\Short Files’);

If I run the codeunit manually, it asks for the permission for I/O calls for the current client and proceeding with yes, code works well. Now the similar activity I tried to perform using NAS and it prompts the error that, “I/O calls are not supported on Dynamics NAV Server”. How should I perform this activity ?


Gaurav Singh