File Formats

Hi We have License for Financials I, Trade, Trade Agreemnts and Logistics and not for electronic banking. The File format in the Accounts Receivable under the MEthods of Payment for Export is not available, however for Return, Remmitance and Import are available. Is there any alternative available? Also, inspite of best possible method of installation, the Document Management is not getting enabled. Thank you in advance in anticipation of an answer. Regards, Dishant

Hi The methods available for electronic banking are determined by the classes available in the standard version plus any DIS layer methods you have. You can also write your own e-banking methods. Document Management: some things you have to take care of: 1. In Tools/Options, make sure the flags “Document Handling active” and “Update toolbar line button” are set. The second one is not really necessary, though. 2. In Basic/Setup/Doc.Management/Parameters: de-activate the flag “Use active document tables”. Then, you should have the doc.mgmt. available in all forms. If you activate the flag, only tables set up in Basic/Setup/Doc.Management/Active document tables will have doc.mgmt.