File browser in SysOperation Framework

Hi ,

I want to open the File browser in my dialog.

How to achieve this using Sys operation framework?


Kindly guide.

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not sure of SysOperation Framework

but there is a example in the standard ax form itself go to forms>> tutorial_Form_File

please have a look.


I usually use the following code in dialog method:

YourdialogField = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(FilenameSave), YourVariable,LabelText,HelpText)

YourVariable will contain path and filename

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Thanks for your reply.

I have tried this in Runbase class and it is working fine.

But I want this same logic to be implemented using Sys operation framework.

Can dialog() be used in sys operation framework ?

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Thanks for your reply.

It works fine in Runbase.

Want to know how to implement the same in Sys operation framework

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UI is now handled by UI builder classes, so that should be your preferred approach.

You can also use your own template form (and override templateForm() method on your controller) or even to use a completely independent form if you don’t want controls generated from your contract (but it’s a little bit more work).