File being used by another process

We have a customer who sometimes gets the following error message when they try to start Navision: “This function cannot be executed while the database is being used by other users” They have also reported a similar error message: “You cannot use the file E:\NAVIDB\DATA9.FDB because it is being used by another process” The file DATA9.FDB is one 2Gb section of a 10 section database. The problem can be got around by stopping and restarting the service but this is not satisfactory for the customer. Any ideas? Chris - Creative Business Systems

It sounds like a user may be connecting directly to the database instead of connecting via the server. Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc. Edited by - Diana on 9/25/00 6:20:06 PM

Thanks for the reply. No, that was one of the first things we thought of. We also thought that perhaps a tape backup may have locked the file but it wasn’t either of those.

I have struggled with the exact same problem for a year now. The only thing I can tell you is that in my case it was somehow related to hardware. We recently turned our Token-Ring network to Ethernet and I haven’t seen the problem since. Maybe the network driver ?? I dont know :~)

Could it be backup software?

I had a problem a bit like this. It only happened in V2.0 onwards but it went like this:- 1. I open a 2.01 DB from a service. 2. I start 2.01 again and select a local DB. Some times it will allow me to work with the 2 databases, but some times it gives me the error “This funcation… etc” I spoke to navision, but they ahd no idea. How did you install the client you are trying to access with? Did you simple copy all the Executables or did you use the install program?