File attachment

Hi, we have just commenced using the File attachment capability in Nav.

Is there a way to show onscreen that a record has got an attachment or a link? I.E. like the Comment Icon that changes when comments are added?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Gordon,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

The user can see if there are links to a record in the status bar (on the bottom right on the screen). You can of course code in a more visual flag similar to the comment button.

Duhh… obvious now!!! Many thanks indeed, once you see it, you wonder how you missed it previously!!

Hi Gordon,

No problem - glad to help

Dave, I wonder if you could help on an associated question - we are now really into using the Links, and can now even see when a Link is attached thanks to you!.

When you get to the Links page Ctr-L, you then highlight the file, URL etc you want to open.

The pain is then haivng to scroll down to the “Open” button to click that.

We’d like a shortcut e.g. Ctrl-O !

Is this possible? And if you tell me "it’s already there… " I shall be mortified!



Hi Gordon,

You can double click the line and it will open the link (or press Enter) which activates the default button i.e. the Open button.

Hey twice in two days - egg on face!! You are very patient indeed…

Many thanks!