Figure out NAV 2009 Databse name


I am new to NAV 2009 and have only used the classic client in an older version of NAV. I have some data migration work that I would like to do but only have the information to log into RTC. RTC shows me the name of the server and company but not the database name. I need the database name to be able to log into the classic client. Is there a location that I can look to find this? I am not a technical person but have access to the server, I am an end user working for a small company.


Hi Blair,

Directly and from standard there is no way to look up the database name as you know it from the classic client.

But in NAV 2009 RTC you have the option of setting up a so-called “System Indicator”. This is done in the Company Information page, where you can select what information to display in the upper right corner of the page. Most often it’s used to display the company name - plus eventually a WARNING if you are not in the real database but a test database or similar. But you can also select to display the database name along with the company.

If this is not what you’re looking for, then you have to ask a developer to create a small new function which can display it. Wouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes to do (excl. time to install, object etc.).

one more point is “System Indicator functionality is available from NAV2009R2 only…”