hi, i am a bit confused with the FIFO, as it appears to me that Navision just averages the cost. e.g 01/01/04 bought 10 items @ 10 $ 02/02/04 bought 10 items @ 20 $ 03/03/04 sold 1 item. Navision displays the unit cost of the item being sold @ 15 which is not correct since i specified FIFO costing on the item card. Am i getting it right? another issue. I assigned lots number to the item. Shouldn’t the system force me to sell the item on a FIFO basis? how could i force the system to do so automatically? thanks

i think you are getting it right, but just missing some steps. In inventory periodic, run adjust cost - item entries, and then post inventory cost to g/l. the average cost will now be 15.26 (( 910 LOT1 + 10100 LOT2 / 19 ). FIFO is the costing method for accounting purposes, So the cost used should be 10. As far as i know the system does not / will not ensure that you physically ship lotno according to fifo. it’s possible to SHIP LOT2 but it will be costed as LOT1. it’s a complex area, especially with LOT numbers, and with some versions there were bugs which have been resolved with service packs / new releases. Regds Navicons