FIFO reapplication of entries

Hey Folks,

I have a slight problem with FIFO applications. The customer has been selling goods without doing the proper purchases and , wanted to clean it up at stock take time.

After doing the stock adjustments we were looking at the Cost applied and they looked pretty strange. I realised that the Item ledger entry applications are not in the proper order i.e. based on date but on sth else (? entry no. ).

I can mannually fix the application entries but its pretty cumbersome. Does one know a batch or a tool to take care of reapplication of Item Ledger Entries based on Date i.e. FIFO ?



There is a function in Codeunit 22. Expose this and use a batch to run through the entries.

Hmm, one would expect that there should be a standard tool for this .

Why is that missing ?


Hi Faludigabor,

In general then Microsoft does not provide standard tools to fix something which can be said to be caused by the wrong use of the system. And in your case that’s really what it is. So don’t blame Microsoft about this. Instead blame the consultant who trained the customer when the system was installed.

But a tool to make this a bit easier actually exists. At least if you by “manually” were considering doing it directly on the tables. This tool allow you to “manually” but in a controlled manor to reapply your items on an item by item manor. Not directly as a batch job, but surely better than changing it in the tables.

You can find if you look in standard NAV under Item Ledger Entries → Application → Application Worksheet.

Here you can unapply the entries and reapply the entries to the “right” entries manually. But a warning, the tool can sometimes be a bit tricky to work with.

Hi Erik,

I seen that , but that is a manual tool , and you need to work with that one by one.

Am I wrong that if the FIFO is applied for an item , NAV should automatically reorder the Application entries (should there be a retrospective change in Stock) ?


If the “tool” is not enough, then I can only say that you should follow Davids advise above.