FIFO not showing physical-financial amount but quantity

Hi there, we have a situation where we received items via PO but posted to an incorrect inventory account. We use FIFO.

storage dimension - site, warehouse and location but physical/financial ticked at site and warehouse.

FIFO - post physical/financial; No physical value included.

When I looked at the transactions, it shows the cost amount except for this PO. The quantity seems to be updated in the posted quantity but cost amount is not showing up. As a result, the running average is not correct at this warehouse level.

If the quantity is updated but not the financial or physical amount, when we close the inventory, my guess is that AX will settle the consumption to the receipt price. Though the realized consumption cost may be incorrect,

On Dec 1st, PO received/invoiced for 10 Qty $80 total is nil (as it went to a different invent. account)

On Dec 10th, PO received/invoiced for 10 qty at $100 total = $1000

On Ce 15th, invet movement journal for 10 Qty at $200 total $2000

running ave price is $100

On Dec 18th Production order for 30 qty at $100 (ie. realized material consumption cost)

when we close inventory for Dec, will the first 10 quantity consumption price is adjusted at $80, the next 10 at $100 and the last is at $100. Will this be the case?

what will be impact for the PO not showing up the cost amount on P&L

many thanks

You cannot have a PO received at $80 and have it not impact on inventory in the scenario described. AX will take the transaction value of $80 on the inventory close, assuming that the transaction is not sitting as a negative stock posiiton from the consumption, otherwise it will wait until the position is positive to adjust the cost.

Have a look at your GL transactions, if it has not hit the ledger it is not invoiced, or it was not $80, or you have a modification playing with the transactions…

Hi Adam, thank you. The PO has been invoiced and it hit a different inventory account and I looked at the GL voucher transactions. I think, it is sitting as a negative stock from a consumption point of view (because I see a transaction with negative physical available and posted quantity for that item but it has been consumed from a different location. However the net quantity and financial amount is showing up correctly at the warehouse level - {that’s were I ticked physical/financial from a storage dim perspective}. Could this be the cause of it? and how to make this a positive transaction? Could we run the potential conflict report to make amends?

many thanks

Hi Adam, now for the sake, I changed the posting profile - just modified the inv. acct and it brought the financial amount correctly. and I would guess, that we may have items with different posting profile that will hit different inventory accounts. It might that we have a negative position sitting at different location that could have impacted.

Use a transfer journal to move the stock from the location it is in to the negative location, then run the inventory close.

I’m using moving average method in item model group and load opening balances from movement journal with cost and inventory.
But issue is some items are not showing financial cost amount after posting movement journal.
Example: I have post one item for two warehouses but when I check the transactions then one warehouse showing cost and financial amount.
but second warehouse showing cost price but not showing financial amount. So, issue is financial cost amount not showing against some items.

Anyone can identifier the solution?