FIFO Inventory

We are on FIFO and I would like to get a report that actually shows the layers of the FIFO for each item (i.e. quantity, cost, total) so I can see what makes up my total balance. Does anyone know if this type of report is available?

Also, with regards to our monthly adjusting to physical, how do you do it when you can’t use the Physical Count Journal because of the timing of receipts, etc.? I was using the Item Journal and doing negative/positive adjustments, but that was a problem because it defaulted to the average cost versus the FIFO cost for the adjustment.

Thanks for the help!

The only reports you will get are the item aging reports, there are two, qty and value, 5807 and 5808.

If you cannot use the physical you can use item journals, you are just misunderstanding the process. The average cost is always used in all transactions in a FIFO environment, the adjust cost item entries routine adjusts the costs later, or immediately depending upon your settings. Try a simple example, you will see it works.

Thanks for your help!