fifo-Cost Price Ax

Dear all,

Pls guide me how i can see cost Last fifo cost price of an item, WHEN INVENTROY IS ZERO ‘0’,

in item price detail system only showm me prce of last transaction,

I want to see last Cost price (calculated as per fifo)

do system save this data somwhere…or any work around…i want to stick to fifo…


Hardik Patel

Hi Hardik Patel…

You can see cost Last fifo cost price after closing inventory, the first u must be setup your Inventory model group and next u can closing inventory :Inventory → Periodic → Closing and Adjustment

For guide, I hope this link can help u

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If you updated the item card the cost price would also show the last invoiced price.

Otherwise you are looking at the last positive transaction for this item. Stock being zero does not mean the cost is zero.