hi i am new to ax please help me in this

how can i add fields to an existing form

It depends on the form… most likely the answer is calling up the form and making your edits in Visual Studio and then redeploying… Which form?

open AOT(Ctrl+D).

Create a Form in AOT>Forms,

open Another AOT>datadictionary>Tables select a table say CustTable and drag and drop it in your form’s Datasource.

Go to Form design and create a Grid there(right click >grid)

now drag and drop the required fields from datasource>custtable>fields

save and open the form.

it is very helpful for you…

Hi Sruthi,

Its simple, If u interest I will take online classes with low cost on skype,

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Sekhar G

Hi Sruthi,

Its simple and basics in Ax., …create table with required fields,

  1. Go to Form you need to add

  2. Drag YOU Created table to Form DataSource ( u will find when you expand form )

  3. Go to design in form , Expand ----right click on design add group

  4. right click on group ----add grid

  5. drag fields from Form Datasourse to grid .

  6. save and open


Ravindar Reddy