Hi All,
In Ax 2012 or 2009 AOT–>DD–>Tables–> “DirPerson” when we open the table we can see fields like " Name" and “NameAlias” fields. Can say from where these fields are showing.


I am not able to find out that table into Ax 2009.

so not sure whether its available into Ax 2009 or not.

DirPerson is table is available in AX 2012. This was introduced as a part of refactoring and change in data model.

DirPerson and DirOrganization tables are introduced as a part of the DirPartyTable refactoring. these tables holds the data based on the type of party, example for person type it uses DirPerson and organization DirOrganization.

These tables support the table inheritance that has been introduced in the current version.

The DirPartyTable is the base table for DirPerson and DirOrganization tables.

You can download the white paper on Table inheritance here

Sorry it is DirOrganizationBase which is the derived table of DirPartyTable(not the DirOrganisation)