Fields shown in Mobile App

In the dedicated NAV app (Using NAV 2018) I wonder what denotes which fields are shown in the pages.

I have a field on a page, with a Table Relation to the Item Category Code table. When I look up into the field, I would have expected the “Code” field to be at the far left. However what I see is only Weight, Height and a couple of other custom fields added. Where/how is it set for which fields are shown? I thought it might be the field groups in the table, but no luck there, also played with the new ApplicationArea property of the Code field in the page but again no luck.

Usually it is a combination of field group “DropDown” and fields displayed in the Lookup Page defined on the table.

Plus there is an issue with “Field lookup issue in the Phone client.”. Not sure what that entails, but it has been fixed in CU 08. Which version are you using?

Yes as Thomas Brodkorb says, the mail difference between a normal page and a tablet page is that you also have to add the fields you want to be shown on the field group “DropDown” - This is apparrently not a well-known information :frowning:

we have to use Brick instead of DropDown in FieldGroups.

Many thanks for the responses! (And apologies to get to this so late).

Setting the Field Groups of the table in question using “Brick” is what did the trick. That really doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere!

Thanks again!