Fields r missing in preview

hi all

in general ledger → parameters from

am not able to view few standard fields sucs as MAXroundingdiffMST, MAXroundingdiffMSTSecond and etc

whn i look into tables,the fields r avl, but whn i open table to view the data its showing only one filed MAXroundingdiffMST,

same situation in parameter form also not showing the fields

in propertise its set as visible only

can anyone suggest me some ideas.

thanx in advance

Any changes to the table/form? Check whether the fields exist in General field group in the table?

hi kranthi

thanx for ur reply, am not any changes in table or form level

its standard.

Hope you don’t have any security issues…

am the administrator of tat instance

Firstly, Check whether you have accidentally hid those fields on MorphX IDE?

If they are not available on table, table might have been altered.

Both the fields are available in LedgerParameters table and would be visible in general ledger - Parameters form.

in configuration i forgot to select euro currencies and another one

tats y i faced this pblm…

thank you all guys :slight_smile: