Fields not showing in AIF Service Schema

I’ve modified the SalesSalesInvoice Service Query (AxdSalesInvoice) to include the CustTable. The CustTable has fields such as ‘DEL_ZipCode’ but when I update my service document in tools and then refresh my AIF Services and view the schema, the field isn’t there. It’s the same for other fields, it seem’s to only include certain fields from the CustTable, is there something I have missed? I’ve also noticed the same in the standard AxdSalesInvoice query. It has a field in the CustInvoiceJour called ‘InvoicePostalAddress’ or ‘DEL_InvoicingAddress’ but this isn’t in the schema either

DEL_ tables are used for data upgrade only and then their configuration key should be disabled. If a field has disabled configuration key, it still exists in AOT, but it logically doesn’t exist. There is no reason to make them available to external system. Therefore they’re not included in AxCustInvoiceJour class.

InvoicePostalAddress is another case. It’s not exposed by AIF because it’s set to be invisible (Visible=No).

But there is no other ZipCode field in the CustTable. This was there in AX 2009 has this changed?

It’s prefixed by DEL_ because it was intentionally removed - all such fields have been moved to Global Address Book (see especially LogisticsPostalAddress table).

You can find more technical details in Implementing the Global Address Book Framework.