Fields in dataport

hi I am using Navision 3.10 Is there any short cut way to insert all the fields of a table in a Dataport without selecting them one by one. What i mean to say is , supppose there are 100 fields on the customer table and i want all the fields of the table in a dataport, instead of selecting one field at a time, i want to select all the fields from the customer table and put it into the dataport , because selecting one field at a time is a tedious and time consuming work also there are chances to make mistakes. thanks in advance harikesh

Just open the field menu and select the fields you want to append to your dataport. Then click at the field designer window.

You’re lucky you are using 3.10. In 3.60 this very useful option doesn’t work anymore.

My version of 3.60 does work if you try this.

You’re absolutely right. I made the error to zoom in on SourceExpression instead of choosing the field menu. Thanks for opening my eyes.