Fields for FA register report

There is a requirement to create a FA Register report.

I tried pulling all available data from AssetTable & AssetTrans Tables. But couldn’t complete all the feilds.

There is a a FixedAssetNotAcquired Form which consists of all the fields but not sure how to use it.

Thanks in Advance

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What type of report are you building? An SSRS report based on an RDP class, for example?

Could you explain your problem, please? What do you mean by “couldn’t complete all the fields”?

Just an Addition, I was Searching for 4 columns that were available in rows of AssetTable Master table of FA Transactions. But According to my FDD i have to change them into columns.

By All Fields I meant 1)No,2)Description,3)Posting Date 4)Acquisition Date, 5)Addition in Period, 6)Disposal in period,7)Acquisition cost 8)Depreciation date 9)Depreciation in period, 10)Disposal depreciation period, 11)Book value ,12)Asset group

was not able to find 1)Acq period , 2)dis period, 3)Dep period, 4)dis dep period but they are in rows.

If you see them in GUI, right-click them to see control names. Then open the form in AOT, find the controls by name (simply put names to the search bar on the top of the designer) and check out which fields or methods they’re bound to.

My application doesn’t contain any form FixedAssetNotAcquired; I think you mean either AssetTableNotAcquiredListPage or AssetTable. Nevertheless I don’t see such fields - either I don’t know where to look, or they’ve been addded by a customization.

Yes its AssetTableNotAcquiredListPage and AssetTable

The fields i wanted to use are in normalization form. Found them in AOT as AssetTransType