field visible on batch type


U have General Journal form. In that form according to batch type i need to get some fields visible,

and some are not visible. How to solve this issue.Based on batch type. How to restrict to particular batch.

I write some code like this Currform. payvat. visible := payvat text on open form.

I could not find how to restrict according to batch.

iam learning navision , if u thorw any code it will be very grateful .

any advice…

thanks and regards

Hi, Asmeen

forgive me, but I’m not sure I understand your question - what is payvat text? a boolean you added to to table 80? A batch name you defined? An other kind of variable?

OnOpenForm trigger is the right choice to put your code. CurrForm.Payvat.VISIBLE is a boolean. You can assign to it an other boolean or a logical expression - something like: CurrForm.Payvat.VISIBLE := “Journal Batch Name” = ‘MYBATCH’;