Field value doesn't appear in the prod. order line

Dear All, I have created a new field in the production order header and line table but I find difficulty when I try to create the value I enter in the field of prod. order header in the prod. order line. I used refresh but after refresh the value still doesn’t exists in the prod. order line. Could you let me know how to make it automatically appear in the prod. order line? tks beforehand for your answers. Rgds, Mark

If you want the value of the Header to appear in the Line(s), then you will have to create a function to transfer the inserted Header Value into the Line(s). Have a look at Tables 36 (Sales Header) and 37 (Sales Line) on how to update information from a Header Table in the Lines (e.g. Field “Bill-to Customer”). But is it really neccessary to put the same information in the lines[?] You can always reference the Head-Information, if you need this value in a Report that is based on the lines.