Field Validation

Hi, I have created a field called “Test” in customer table which is also displayed on the customer card. Whenever an user accesses the customer card & creates a new record he should mandatorily enter the value in the “Test” field. To do this i have enabled the “Not Blank” of this field, but it did’nt work. Please help me in this regard Thanks & Regards, Vikas

Hi, as I know, this isn’t simple task. Property “Not blank” works good for primary key fields, in other cases it works only when user wants to delete value. One of the solutions could be to create new form with field “Test”, which is called from insert trigger. You then can check if the field is filled or not and do not let then user leave this form until the field is filled. Regards, Viktoras

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In GUI the developer must actively manage data validation. IF TEST = ‘’ THEN ERROR(); You can do this in the Table trigger (insert or modify) OR in the Form trigger OnQueryCloseForm Recommended is table but sometimes you must use the form!