Field updatation

hi all

i have a Designation and EmpID fields in one Table 1, and another Table 2 also i have same fields (EmpID, Designation).

In Table 1 every EMPID have a Designation . My question is if i change the Designation in Table 2 , it’s automatically update’s the Table 1 Designation also .

Plz any one help me for that .

No, it doesn’t update automatically.

And such a design violates database normalization. Don’t duplicate same fields to other tables, refer to the primary key of Table1 from Table2. If data is stored in a single place only, you don’t need any additional code to maintain database consistency.

Hi Venkata,

Please try to use relationship and avoid to store same values in more than one table. If you can do without using relationship, please write the code in the table1 update/insert method.