Field types not compatible with SQL

We are testing the migration from Financials 2.50 winth Navision DB to SQL-option. During the Restore process to SQL we got an error in FinSQL.EXE and we were unable to continue. Now we know that the problem was with the Field Type , that seems to have problems when restoring. The solution was to use CODE field with property DateFormula=Yes. Does anybody knows other problems migrating to SQL? And more important for us: Does anybody knows about problems/bugs SQL-option as an End-User? Regards, Jesús Soage

Hi Jesús. Have a look at the Navision CD 2.50 (if 2.50 sql is the one you are migrating to) at ‘CD:’\nfupgtk\w1\w1w1upgr.pdf. It will explain what you need to do to migrate to SQL. If its similar to ver 2.60b, you will need to run some upgrade.fob, (1-3) and migrate.fob. These fob’s alter the Field Type and others. Then you can restore your native-database-backup into sql-database. (I dont have the 2.50 disk at hand but this is the procedure for 2.60b.) I would strongly suggest you to upgrade to 2.60b SQL “while you are at it”. Its way faster and 2.50 is bugged. (Use the upgrade “tool” to upgrade the data and Mergetool to upgrade the code.) Have fun. Regards Gudmundur Petursson

Hi Gudmundur, Thank for your reply. We are End Users and have the intermediate development tool, so we have no access to some of the tools you indicate on you reply. We are using Financials 2.50 (migrated from 2.01). In the test for migration we followed all the steps on the document in the Fin 2.50 CD “Migrating to MS-SQL Server…”. - Import Migrate.fob - Execute CodeUnit 88515 Date and Number Field Check * We found there some date errors - Execute CodeUnit 88516 Code Field Check - Backup C/Side DB - Restore in SQL DB and, except for the error on my first message, everything is ok after we made the change from DateFormula to Code field type (the objects on the 2.50 CD does not modify field types). About version 2.60b I don’t have notice about availability in Spain. You wrote that Fin 2.50 SQL is bugged, but, are these errors at functionality level or DLL (and similar) level?, in other words, are these bugs related with the change of DB? Regards, Jesús Soage

Navision Spain should have 2.60B for you. Upgrading to this version should not be difficult, the databases from 2.5 are interchangeable. Apart from a number of minor bugfixes (there is a Navision document on the changes between 2.50 to 2.60), the main difference is in the internal structure how SQL server is accessed. 2.60 has been much improved for effiency in executing the queries, and has therefore a much better performance. John

Hi again. You really should get a solution center to help you out, there you will gain experts regarding the problem you are trying to solve. Regarding version 2.50 beeing bugged, I can only say that version 2.50 we tried was very slow. We did not try to locate the problem but we discovered that several minor bugs also dissapeared Regards, Gudmundur Petursson

Tanks for your reply, John and Gudmundur, After my last message I got in contact with Navision Spain and they told me that version 2.60b is now available, I will contact our NSC to get it. Now I have the answer I was looking for and think that the best is migrate to SQL on version 2.60b. I have 20 Financials users and I was worried about performance. I will let you know how is going. Regards, Jesús Soage