Field type "option" gives number in report instaed of text


In the table Employee i have made a field “Department” with data type “Option”, and i can choose 8 different departments.

When i use this field in de employee card i select the correct department, so far so good.

But when i want to make a report and i ask for de field department i get a number instead of the text, how can i solve dis?

Yours sincerely,


Hi Helma,

Option fields are stored as integers - use FORMAT( “Department” ) to return the corresponding option string.

Hello Dave,

first, thank you for your quick answer.

Sorry but I do not know anything in terms of encoding, where do I drop the format code and can you tell me exactly what the code should be. Must i do it in de C/AL of the report? Or in de text-box of the field “department” also of the report.

Helma Schepers

Hi Helma,

In this case, you can change the SourceExpr property of the textbox on the report to FORMAT( “Department” )

Thank you for helping me. It works.

Helma Schepers