Field not blank on form

On my sales quote and sales order screens, a new dimension field was created and placed on the forms. Dimension values have been created and everything is just ready to go. The last item needs to have the dimension field filled-in by the user. This field cannot be blank. I tried a search of “field not blank” but could not come up with any results in the forum. If someone could direct me to a previous posting or if someone could tell me which property to use for this field to force the user to enter a value, this would be appreciated. Thank you!

There is a property for a field which can be set (NotBlank) but this just works under very few circumstances. I would suggest to change the OnInsert/OnModify trigger either in the form or in the table to achieve this.

Unfortunately Sales Quotes do not get posted, so it does not really help to set the dimension mandatory.

Yes, this is true. Also you will get this error only at the end of the order process, not at entry. Mandatory fields just isn’t a Navision thing realy.[;)]

Thanks for the quick replies to my question!

you will find a a couple of helpful posts if your search for “Mandatory Field”