Field naming error

In table 99001961 (Warehouse Document Line) there is an option field called “Action”. Values are “Put-away” or “Pick”. If you try to write a piece of code referencing this table and use something like ACTION::Lookup, you will get an error telling you that the legal values are “Put-Away” or “Pick”. The issue has been reported to Navision. Does anybody have a workaround? cheers,

A way for solving it it’s renaming the field and calling it something else than action (you can keep the labels by changing the Caption property of the field to Action, but change the name to nvAction, for example). It’ll in theory fix that problem. (it’s a good example of why people has to take care with the fields’ names… and that Navision forgets about it’s own rules…) Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

The response from Navision support: Now, how to resolve the issue. Well, you’ll need to create a codeunit which contains a function. You’ll then call this function in the codeunit passing it the form as a VAR parameter. The function will have the code EXIT(f.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK);