Field Names using dataport

Hiya guys, Has anyone ever tried to export the field names of the dataport fields in the csv file? I have one dataitem with some fields to be exported out. Is there any way I could use dataport ONly to export the fields names first on the top of the csv file? I could do it using the file variable though.Butits a long way to do it. Thanks in advance, Sharan.

Hi, You can do it like this (I will pretend you are exporting data from the “Customer” table, “No.” and “Name” fields): Create a new DataItem above you current one “Customer” - it should be based on virtual Integer table. Set the DataItemTableView property to: SORTING(Number) WHERE(Number=CONST(0)) This will hide the DataItem from the User on the Request Form and make sure this DataItem only iterates once. Now you can add the following in the Field Designer of this DataItem: Customer.FIELDNAME("No.") Customer.FIELDNAME("Name") That’s it. But you must make sure that you define on this Integer DataItem (sort of a Header) exactly the same FIELDNAME’s - or FIELDCAPTION’s - as the fields you are exporting on your “Customer” DataItem. Bye

Thanks Nelson. That Helps. Cheers, Sharan