Field mapping from NF 2.60 to 3.70

Hi I am upgrading from NF2.60 to Attain 3.70. I could not find any documentation for the below mentioned field from Item leder Entry of 2,60. 67 Add.-Currency Adj. Cost (Qty.) Decimal 68 Add.-Curr. Adj. Cost (Inv Qty) Decimal 69 Add.-Curr. Cost Posted to G/L Decimal 72 Additional-Currency Unit Cost Decimal These fields have been used in customization,i guess these fields are delted from 3.70. Do any one have the list how the field are mapped in 3.70 or to change the customization that has been done using the above fields

Not sure, but I would guess that these fields (Standard fields NOT Customization) have been moved to the Value Entry Record (5802). I’m pretty sure that the conversion tool converts the fields automatically.