Field Level Security in Navision Server option

hi, Can anyone help me out in this. I have two questions. 1. I have created a Database login in NAVISON SERVER option and i am trying to set field level restriction to a user. But it is not working. But i am not certain whether Navision server supports this. 2.Further to this, Lets say i am creating a user who has rights ONLY to create a purchaser order.I dont want him to even NAVIGATE and find the correstponding G/L Entries.Can I do that in my Navision server option. Thanks.

  1. Navision server does not support record/field level security. 2. In the Navigate-window only the entries are shown that the user has direct READ-permission.

hi Beaver, Thanks. But can i block a particular user navigating from a particular application area ?

Certainly…functional areas can be limited on a per user basis. In addition, you can limit them further by simply removing the forms on the menu so that they don’t try to even access those areas. The bottom line is that you can limit access to everything, but specific fields when using the traditional Navision database. Using SQL, you can actually have field level security. On a side note, Lanham and Associates has an add-on for field level security that integrates automatically to any modifications that have been made and works on the traditional Navision database server.

there could be confussion here between record level security and field level security. I think Ananthanathan was working with Navisions Record level security, which is a totally different issue.

Thanx.I am now clear with my previous issue.Now i would like to know if i can hide a particular field for a end user. SCENARIO 1: For instance a person who feeds data in an Item card should be restricted in entering the price details. SCENARIO 2: If a person who keys in all sales order information should not see the price details which the system automatically calculates.(he should not get the field even from ‘show column’ option.) I am able to apply filters on the table data for specific users but I wanted to know if this kind of security can be given from SQL server option. Thanks.

Sure, just build a “customized” menu for that user that doesn’t include that field. Tie it specifically to their login and you’ll have just what you need. The problem lies when you start building customized forms for each user, it makes the upgrades quite difficult and time consuming.

i just have a similar problem, Muzzy, could you pls provide detail information? such as some code or detail method…

anything is very grateful.