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Hi, Can anybody tell me if field level permission is possible in NF 2.6…For eg a person in the accounts department should enter the General Journal but not access the chart of accounts. We all know that this is not possible without giving read permission for the GL account table which inturn means access to the Chart of Accounts… that means in other workds is it possible to give Read permission for GL account table but not the ‘Balance field’ Similarly is it possible for the Sales Department in my company to post the Sales Invoice without access to the Chart of Accounts. The finance department does not want the sales department to know the profitability, costing etc…but at the same time it wants them to do all activities of Sales Invoicing including the posting… Kindly give a feed back on this…whether it is possible with the current security permissions available in NF 2.6? If not what development may be the best to solve this problem?? Thanks in advance… Stark

Security can be assigned at the field level in a couple different ways. There is an add on (US versions) that will allow assigning security at various levels down to the field. Contact Joy Bensur at She can get you the particulars.

thanks but is it possible to stop the sales person from viewing the chart of accounts but neverthless allowing him to post the order…without this add on…without bothering about field level security. Kindly clarify Thanks Stark

Why not just remove the buttons “Account” and “Balance” from form 18 and create a new main menu for the sales persons with the G/L-button disabled. With these to simple modifications Your sales staff will never be able to se the balance of an account. Rgds //Lars Edited by - Lars Westman on 2001 May 11 21:07:34

Change also the permissions to the forms where those fields are edited, that way the users won’t be able of opening those forms, and so, editing the fields you’re not wanting them to touch without restricting reading from tables. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain