Field length exceeded

I have a field called “General Comments” that is a 250 Character text field. When the user activates this field on a form they get the error message: “The texts below must not exceed a total of 232 Characters.” It then shows the text with an OK button. This only happens on this field and only on one record of the table. Any ideas. I removed the offending data from the table, let the user type it in again with no problems.

Check that the source expression on your form is really “General Comments”. If it’s then try the following : Go to table designer, run your table and go to the record where the error occurs and try to fill the field “General Comments” with 250 chars and let us know what happens … I personally never encounter that type of problem.

Hi Tarek No problem, the field takes 250 characters. The original comment had a lot of ‘/’,’(’ and ‘)’ characters. I don’t know if the order of these characters makes any difference. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original text to show you as its been replaced with no problems. Regards Robin

I had the same problem. It is only when there are special characters such as ‘(’, ‘)’, ‘&’ etc in the text that it is a problem. I think that one of the Navision text handling functions must be at work here. I resolved the problem by making the field 240 rather than 250 - have not had the problem since.

Hi Paul I can’t replicate the problem, but shall bear your thoughts in mind the next time it happens. Thanks