Field Group Modified Method issue...?


I created a Form using Field group of a table.

Now i want to Override a “Modified()”

in a field of That fieldgroup , i wrote and tried its not executing

Tell me your suggessions…

Thanks in Advance…[:)]

Hi Bobby,

You just Override the DS-> Field-> MOdified()

This is executing.

Best Wishes

Hi Suni,

Yes you are correct thats working DS–> Field–>Modified()

But i want to write Modified() only in Designs–>FieldGroup–>Field–>Modified

as per my requirement…

You cannot change the properties when you are directly using a field group from the table - even the methods will not work, because of the AutoDataGroup property set to yes - if you want these to happen change the property to No.But when you add new field to the field group or do any changes to the group at table level - those things will not get effected in the form automatically.

If it is data source field - it is always suggested to write these kind of methods at table level - if not possible at least try to write them at data source level.

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you its working for me.