Field Captions / Names - Internationalization

I’m currently localizing a European add-on to the US market. And I want to keep the localization work as simple as possible to make the time to market from release of the add-on world-wide to it’s on the US market. The developer of the add-on is supplying a world-wide version of their add-on. In this many fields have names in the US. I.e. VAT in Navision is generally translated to Tax in the US, because we use Sales Tax and not VAT. Navision US has translated the Field Name, i.e. “Price Including VAT” to “Price Including Tax”. But this has also changed the source code. So what I just want to do is to change the US language Caption to “Price Including Tax”. Because this will not alter the source code and thus make a compare much quicker and a localization easier. As I understand the new rules of using the Caption, then this would the “right” way to do it. Does anyone dissagree? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

I do agree with you. This is exactly the way we do it. BTW i think Navision US should not even translate the fieldname. We don’t use VAT or TAX (we use BTW;-)) but who cares, the right description is set in the ML-caption.