Few question in Finance-GL


I have few questions in Finance:

  1. Chart of Accounts–Enquiry–References (what does it mean)

  2. CoA–Validation list : This button is deactive, why it is not enabled and what is the functionality?

  3. CoA–Send Electronically: Can you please briefly explain this functionality and where is the setup to configure this.


For References, first you need to run the Account reference (in GL setup) for the selected tables and inquire the respective ledger accounts. to view the references of the ledger account in the related tables and in which field and related key values.

Validation list will be active only if - currencty is selected and in validate currency code - List is selected like the way for Dimension-List etc…

Send electronically - we need to setup endpoints in basic module under AIF to copy or export the COA data…

Hope this helps

  • JK

Dear JK,

thanks for the reply.

I have one more question

In the CoA Dimension Tab, for a particular dimension say DEPARTMENT, in the Dimension value i have selected

ADMIN and in the validation, i have put TABLE

next time

ADMIN and in the validation, i have put FIXED

I did not find any difference in the functionality. can you please explain a scenario, where i can understand the difference