Few General querries in Navision

Dear all,

I have few general querries in Navision .

  1. I entered wrong Acquistion cost of a Fixed Asset, Now, How can I rectify it ?

  2. Can we use more then one additional reporting currencies(used in COA) ?

3.What is the Use/Purpose of Posting Groups in Navision (e.g. General business posting group etc.) ?

  1. If I post a PO which G/L accounts will be hitted ?

  2. What is the difference between (realized gain, realized loss, unrealized gain, unrealized loss) ?

  3. In Indian Localization, Depreciation is calculated as per companies act(Method SLM) and as per income tax act(Method WDV) I have opened 2 depreciation books for the same,

But I want to know, whether I have to calculated depreciation seperately for each book

  1. Presumably through the fixed asset journal, but I know nothing about this so you will have to test it or read the manual or wait for another posting!

  2. Not as standard.

  3. Posting groups are two fold, reporting and pushing entries into the ledgers, but frankly if you do not understand these ignore everything else and get a grip on these first, because without it you are in trouble.

  4. Depends upon the configuration of the system and the posting groups. Go to cronus, post one and then navigate and see the entries. Obviously do it in stages, receipt then invoice.

  5. The unrealised relates to a possible difference in currency value due to a changing rate, the realised is the recognised at the posting of the invoice.

  6. You will need someone with localisation knowledge to answer this, but I would guess it depends upon the calculation process.

And next time use the search [:D]

If you search for acquisition cost the top posting is a blog describing your issue: http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/external/archive/2008/01/18/correcting-acquisition-cost-errors-in-dynamics-nav.aspx