Fetching Values in Form based on Given Input String ....?

Hi All,

I Have created a form in that form i have a String Edit Fireld.

Now in that field i will enter one salesId number. now below i have a grid of salesid and itemid fields form SalesLine Table_DS

according to the entered SalesId value in String Edit Field i want to display SalesLine.SalesId and SalesLine.Itemids

in the Grid…

Share your Ideas…

Thanks In Advance…[:)]

Add a range to the data source - pass the string as range value in the executeQuery() method of the form data source…

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for Reply

Can u tell me ExecuteQuery ();

my Sting Edit Field Name is “StringEdit_CustPO”

DS Name : SalesLine


Look into InventQuarantine Order form.

See init method of the data source - how the status is added as a range to the Data Source.

See ExecuteQuery() method - how the value is given to the range…(based on that value the records will be filtered)