fetching data from Table

can anyone tell me how to fetch the data all the fields or particular fields from a table

thanks in advance

Use the Jobs node in the AOT to fetch the data from the table.


static void getItemJob(Args _args)
InventBlocking invBlocking;//Table Insance

while select invBlocking
where invBlocking.ItemId == “123344SHTAD0115”// Querying the table.

info(strfmt("%1 %2", invBlocking.ItemId, “Your colums”,));}//Displaying using the info dialog.



As I am working with reports how to get reports (records) using fetch method for purchase table?

It seems that you’re working with a MorphX report in AX 2009 or older (and you forgot to say that explictly). Now tell us what what you’re trying to do in your fetch() method and what’s the problem.

how to get the records using fetch method in reports with/without datasource ?

How to: Override the fetch Method to Filter Data for Reports (MorphX Reporting Tools)

You should learn how to use a search engine. And don’t expect anybody spending more time answering your questions than you spend asking. If it’s not worth your time, it’s not worth our time either.