Feedback on HOTKEY extender

Hi [8-|],

I have made a small add-on that will allow you to create your own hotkeys in NAV. Could some of you please give me some feedback on this tool. It is available at the link below.



Hi Jacob,

In general i find it very interesting to have the possibility to create my own hotkeys, that’ll work in Navision.


First of all this add-on only works as long as the form is still open.
If the user accidently closes the form, the hot-keys no longer work.
If you put the timer-function in a single instance codeunit instead, this would not be a risk.

Secondly i don’t want timer code on the client side if it’s possible.
I see that this can not be done, without timer code, and since it’s related to the client keyboard, it must be done on the client side.
So i think i would suggest the users to create shortcuts to what ever they need, and those can be accesed quite easily using only the keyboard.
(this is only for versions 4+, i know)

Finally i would prefer some setup table, where the individual hotkey-comps can be assigned an action.
And not have that hardcoded in the object.