Features of Transfer Orders

Hi! I am involved in the implementation of Navision 4.0 for an ICT company, dealing in sales and purchases of hardwares and softwares, and other related activities. The company consists of the Head Office and three retail outlets which are at different locations. All purchases are centralised at Head Office, meaning that any requests for purchase made by retail outlets are actually done by the HO. Please note that delivery is made at HO and then the goods are transferred from HO to the respective retail outlets. I’ve been thinking of using transfer orders for this purpose. Retail outlets will prepare the transfer order and send it to HO. Is it possiblefor HO, upon receipt of transfer orders from retail outlets, to create a purchase order based on these transfer orders? What will be the implications of posting the transfer order? Is it going to have an effect on inventory figures? Is it possible to convert a transfer order to a purchase order? What about delivery of the goods? Please come up with an alternate way of processing purchases if this one is not feasible. Regards Beatrice.

You might be thinking of implementing a retail AddOn with your Navision implementation which will be able to handle these things already for you.

Do we have any standard functionality in Navision 4.0 to handle this type of transaction? I don’t think we are ready to purchase any separate add-on? We wish to handle this with standard functionalities available in Navision.

You can do this with standard functionality. Basically you will need to purchase the SKU (Stock Keeping Units) granule. With this you set up the branch offices (Say locationa BRA-01) as order type TRANSFER, with source location as Head Office (eg location HO) and then when demand is created (eg a sales order) this is seen at HO as demand for which a purchase order is created. Once the goods are purchased, the transfer is used to move them to the branch office.

Thanks for replying. Actually, we are implementing only the following: General Ledger Cash Manager Purchase and Payables Sales and Receivables Fixed Assets Inventory There is a window in Purchase granule, which relates to Stockkeeping Units. I guess this will not solve the problem and that we will need to purchase this separate module. Can you confirm please? Thanks and Regards Beatrice.

Stock Keeping units are part of the Inventory Module: 4,000 Inventory 4,040 Inventory - Multiple Locations 4,045 Inventory - Stockkeeping Units So since you have Inventory and Multiple Location, you can just purchase this granule. The question of course is how did your NSC (reseller) manage to overlook this during the analysis phase of the sales process. You may find that they have overlooked more than just this one thing. [B)]