Features/Benefits FAQs?

Are there any documents or FAQs available regarding the features and benefits of upgrading from various versions of Navision Financials? I’m looking from V1.3 right up to the latest version, along the lines of the technical information that is included in the nfupgtk folder on the product CDs. Many thanks, Justin Tucker – www.utaesl.com

Hi No, but if you read the upgrade files from each CD (2.0 → 2.01 → 2.50) you will have a pretty good description of the changes, and then you can decide if you want to upgrade. But if you asks me, then you should upgrade. The systems is much more stable. And here in DK no add-on developers support this version anymore. Also remember a new version is close to be out 2.60, probably in 1-2 months (reason: Windows 2000) Best regards Palle Arentoft, Team Manager Aston Naviteam A/S Denmark Email : par@astonitgroup.com

As Pallea said… read the upgrade files… they do present the changes… in a rather strange format for someone just trying to get a FAQ… but they get better. The latest… 2.5 release upgrade documents are PDFs… the 1.3->2.00C are average and ->2.01A/B are a little better. You get to find out quite a bit in those files… eg in 2.5 USERIDs are length 20 now… to support SQL/NT users better. 2.6 beta 3 is floating around now too. I have recently done a 1.3->2.00C/2.00D->2.01A/2.01B conversion on a very heavily modified database… an interesting job! :slight_smile: Craig Bradney Technical Manager Criterion Technology Pty Ltd P:+61-2-9436-0436 F:+61-2-9436-1004 E:craigb@c-t.com.au