Fax report with logo

How can I send a report with a bitmaplogo through a faxprogram without losing the bitmap on my report ?

If You use zetafax You can call a template with frames logo and so on. That should be possible in other fax programs also. //Lars

And how can I do this from Navision ?

When You print to the zetafax printer driver You can add embedded codes in Your report that controls ZetaFax. If You’re working with textfiles that ZetaFax reads from a folder You can also add these control codes in the file. This is well documentated in the Zetafax manual //Lars

Another very fine Network-Faxsolution is FaxWare, DAVID or DAVIDprofessional from TOBIT - www.tobit.com. Peter

When a fax-driver is installed which behaves like a normal printer (like i.e. WinFax does), you can use this in the same way as any other printer. When you have included the resolution setting of the logo-bitmap (see Download section at www.mynavision.net for a helping hand on this feature), the logo will come out in the correct size and with the best possible resolution. John Edited by - John Tegelaar on 2001 Apr 02 22:01:03