Fax connection

i would like to know if somebody have knowledge about a fax software because i need to send mailings throught Navision. Thanks. Eladio.

Check these previous topics (found using the search function!): http://www.navision.net/forum/link.asp?TOPIC_ID=363 http://www.navision.net/forum/link.asp?TOPIC_ID=1016 http://www.navision.net/forum/link.asp?TOPIC_ID=178 Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Hello, I’m using a communication solution for 10 month and it works really fine. I use DAVID PRO from TOBIT software (www.tobit.com) and i can send fax, email, Tmail from Navision. It works perfectly on any version of Windows (95 to 2000), ICA or RDP clients and it didn’t take more of 15 mn to install it. You can use FaxWare (only fax and internal e-mail) and upgrade to DAVID PRO (fax, email, Phone, answering machine, Web server, eMail services and so on …) A really good product to work with.

HY, If you choose a fax solution for Navision Financials, you should carefully look if the Solution have some kind of integration into Navision. First: The solution must can handle with embedded codes, so you can give e.g. the faxnumber from the contactperson direct to the fax. Or can handel other functions. Secound: The cheapest is not the best :wink: ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer www.cycos.com www.dolphinct.de EMail: Alejandro.Schubert@cycos.com

Faxination and Objectfax works perfect through LaserNet. LaserNet Fax Can be integrated with a number of fax systems on the market. This makes it possible to send adapted forms via LaserNet as an electronic fax - direct from your administrative system. Based on the data stream, LaserNet finds out whether the form is to be sent as a fax or printed, and this offers the user a unique possibility of adapting the communication to the individual customer.