Table 15 G/L Account is empty! Our customer uses NAV 5.0 FP1 database since januar 2010. Yesterday the whole Chart of Account was empty, fortinetly G/L Entries where there. We resolved the issue simply (importing new chart of accounts). But the problem stays - how could this happen? Have someone seen something like this? What if next time the G/L Entries are “gone”? There was nothing in change log, users who were using the database do not have knowledge nor permissions to do this.

Any idea?


Yes i have seen this kind of problem… and reason? Really don’t know. To resolve i just restored the backup.

Sometimes it can be related to some development, e.g temporary record property is not set for the parameter in a function …

I am pretty sure that someone has executed a code saying something like “G/L Account.DELETE(FALSE)”. Either by accident or on purpose.

What Mohamed mentions (temporary record) is definitely one posibility.

There are several checks in [standard] NAV when a user tries to delete an account. And if deletion is allowed, all entries are changed (Account No. is blanked).


I agree with Anfinnur.

or “G/L Account”.DELETE.

Debugging the code is a MUST [:D]



Hi, thanks for all efort…

But on table 15 G/L Account nothing was made (no new code) - there is only standard funktionallity.

I tried to delete this table, but standard funktionallity do not allow this.

Hi Monika,

The code doesn’t have to be in table 15, and if you use “G/L Account”.DELETE only it will not run the code in OnDelete.

Maybe one thing you can do. Use Developer Toolkit’s WhereUsed function, to know in which code the table is being use (inserted, modified or deleted).