FastTab Issue ??

Hello Everyone,

In AX 2012, If I double click on a FastTab of a Form, The corresponding Main Form or Table is not opening?

What could be the problem?

Please Reply…

You might have misunderstood with FastTab…

A FastTab is an expandable and collapsible area of a form. FastTabs enable you to quickly customize the appearance of a form. You can expand one or more FastTabs that show additional fields you can work with on the form. In addition, you can collapse FastTabs to hide fields that are not relevant to you.

You use FastTabs to provide an efficient way to view and enter information for a record. A FastTab differs from other types of tabs because you can view the contents of more than one FastTab that appear on the form. This enables you to scroll from top to bottom and view the form like a document.

For more info, click on below link