Fastest way to upload Opening entries of Items with Lot number

Hi ,

I have the items nearly 5000 .

Every item has the Item tracking code . that is Lot number only.

Here my doubt is what is the best way to upload the opening entries with LOT number.

Generally we upload the items through dataport to Item journal , then we will assign the Item tracking code manually for each line .

Except this is there any best way & fast way to upload the item opening entries with lot number.

Is it not possible to write a dataport to update the item tracking details as well from the same file? That is what I would ask a developer for.

Thanks Steven,

Generally what is the common method u apply to update opening entries with lot number.

Share it.

As stated I would convert it in with a dataport

With lot numbers or with out lot numbers.

With lot numbers - what would be the point of manual entry?

you can select the “lot.nos” field which on the dataport fields to import the lot number while you import the item master data.

No .

it is not possible.

experts share some more advices to how to import.

That is a completely different question to the one you asked. If you want coding or development advice on this I suggest you post this question in the developers forum. You asked what approach you would take, and I believe this has been answered, you would not be better served with a new question in the correct forum.